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The Intentional Care Team has as its purpose to care for the people of the congregation in many ways.

Cards made by Care Team members are sent. Get well cards are sent if one is sick or has had a recent surgery.  Thinking of you cards are reminders that the person is not forgotten and our church still cares.  Condolence cards are sent to church families who have experienced the loss of a friend or loved one.  We also send cards to some of the relatives of church members who have lost a close loved one.  Cards are also mailed to our shut-ins for many of the holidays.  Each year over 250 cards are sent.

Congregation members often would like a visit from a Care Team member or would appreciate a telephone call.

Last year, twenty-two Christmas cards were created by Kay Novak and assembled by the Care Team.  Those cards and poinsettias for each person went out to shut-ins and to those who have had a very difficult year.

We pray that our efforts to stay connected to those in our congregation have not only brightened their day but helped them realize that they are an important part of our church family that cares and supports each other.

The Intentional Care Team meets once a month on the second Tuesday at 10:30 am at the Spark Studio. Our pastors are present at each meeting. Please contact Linda Redfield, Care Team Coordinator, if you desire more information or would like to join our team.



The Good Shepherd is one of 48 faith communities coming alongside Tucson Interfaith HIV AIDS Network  (TIHAN) to help provide community resources and caring support so that people with HIV can live well. We provide volunteers and supplies once a year to help with a monthly luncheon at POZ Cafe, as well as other events where needed.  We support the TIHAN vision to create a community where everyone knows their HIV status, and where every person—regardless of status—is supported and affirmed to live as well as possible and stay healthy and engaged in the community.  For more information, contact Tim and Char Seawell (425) 770-5034.


The Good Shepherd proudly sponsors and provides equipment and support to three Scout Troops and a Cub Pack within the re-imagined Boy Scout organization. For all genders, races, and backgrounds, regardless of a young person’s physical ability, everyone is welcome to have the scouting adventure that’s waiting for them.

Troop 247 is a Girl Troop typically aged 11 to 18, meeting weekly to make new friends and perfect skills for adventures such as camping, hiking, kayaking, cycling, and swimming. The Boy Troops of 367 and 301 are of equal age joining in similar activities with their friends, as they have fun and work as a team to overcome challenges. Cub Pack 300 is available to boys and girls from kindergarten through the fifth grade; they are introduced to games and activities that help perfect some of the early skills they will need to move up to join the troops.
Contact info?


Circle of Friends dinners are like a mini-potluck in someone’s home. They take place once a month, January through April.The purpose is to become better acquainted with Good Shepherd people in a small and comfortable setting. You simply sign up on the sheet on the narthex bulletin board and specify to be a host or guest. If you are a host, you plan the main course and phone the guests to ask if they would bring an appetizer, vegetable, salad, or dessert. If you are a guest, you prepare one part of the meal.Please plan to join in the fun!  Mary Ferland 520-398-7178      Flo Mayer 406-459-2749​



The mission of Samaritans is to save lives and relieve suffering in the Arizona borderlands. The conditions at our border have changed since our founding in 2005 and yet we are still focused on this same mission.​We accomplish our mission through these six main activities: Desert Searches; Water; Shelter; El Comedor; Operation Streamline; and Communication.All this would not be possible without a myriad of volunteer Samaritans. Read more about the Green Valley-Sahuarita Samaritans.​



One of our Mission/Outreach programs at The Good Shepherd is selling Fair Trade Coffee, Cafe Justo, from aGrowers Cooperative in Chiapas in southern Mexico. The coffee is roasted in Agua Prieta, Sonora just south of Douglas Arizona. By controlling the process, the growers are paid roughly three times what growers are typically paid by standard commercial operations. The result is the coffee growers have been able to revitalize their community, bring families back together, and see their youth go on to higher education. Profits from Cafe Justo also support migrant shelters and drug rehabilitation centers, as well as community development projects, both in Chiapas where the coffee is grown, and in Agua Prieta where the coffee is roasted, packaged, and shipped. Your Cafe Justo purchase helps to provide the income that allows the coffee growers  to provide for their community. The Good Shepherd has been supporting them for many years. In addition to selling their coffee, we return all “profits” on a regular basis.


The Good Shepherd Estate Sales provide a much-needed service to our church family and to many others in the area during transitions—downsizing, relocating, bereavement.

Both women and men of The Good Shepherd participate. Setup work is generally done from 8:00 - 12:00 pm during the week. Sales are usually held on Thursday and Friday mornings.

Since we started doing Estate Sales at The Good Shepherd, we’ve earned over $350,000 in commissions which helps support church mission projects, the church budget, the Sahuarita Food Bank, and many local charities.

If you would like to join us, sign up on our volunteer email list for work schedules. Contact Nikki Harrison at  To discuss a possible sale, please contact 520-260-6101.

If you are too committed to other projects to volunteer with us, you can still help. Shop on our sales days! Email us to be on the Customer Email List and get early ads for the sales. Lift up Good Shepherd Estate Sales to your friends and neighbors and encourage them to book their moving and estate sales with The Good Shepherd. See the Estate Sales brochures here.



The Peace Patrol is a team tasked with developing best practices and safety protocols to enhance the safety and comfort of our members and friends.

Sixteen members from both worship services currently serve on this committee. The Peace Patrol was organized following the identification of the Good Shepherd as a prime soft target by Homeland Security and the Southwest UCC.

We want our community to participate in all functions of the church in safety and comfort, including the adjacent Sahuarita Food Bank and Green Valley/Sahuarita Samaritans. At Common Ground on the Border classes or concerts, Estate Sales, Samaritan excursions, and Sunday worship services you should be free to experience the joy of participation without the concern that someone will belligerently question your right to be there and how you express your faith.

In concert with our local law enforcement departments and our church administration, multiple safety and security issues have been assessed and addressed. These include a safety fence enclosure, security cameras, securing electric and other utility areas, and the development of Usher Guidelines. Several trainings on deescalation techniques have been held.

We always have room for additional folks to join our Peace Patrol. For more information contact Joan Brubaker (Merrill) at 607-275-7029 or



From October to May, neighborhood Amigos groups gather for fun and fellowship. Each Amigos group has a facilitator(s) to organize various activities such as potlucks, outings, picnics, speakers, and more. There are currently six Amigos groups located in Green Valley, and including Rio Rico, Amado, and Tubac. The groups are autonomous but share the same goal of giving the church family a way to build stronger relationships with one another outside of the church.

Abrego Amigos (Abrego, E. La Cañada to Springs)

     East Desert Amigos (Quail Creek plus)

          La Posada Amigos

               Metro South Amigos (S of Continental, W of I-19)

                    Tubac, Amado, Rio Rico, Springs Amigos

                         West Desert Amigos (S of Esperanza, W of La Cañada, N of Continental)

                              West Side Amigos (W of La Cañada, Esperanza to Duval Mine Rd plus RV Resort)

If you are not in an Amigos group and would like to be part of one, please contact Judy Bischoff (

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