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We of The Good Shepherd are a welcoming and caring congregation, courageous as followers of Jesus through community and worship. As individuals and as a community of faith, how, where, why, and on whom we spend our money speaks volumes about our core values, what we believe and what are the important issues in our lives.



'Twas a great Celebration Sunday & stewardship campaign!

"Make a joyful noise to God, all the earth! Serve God with gladness!" from Psalm 100, was our theme for this past campaign. In this passage the writer, presumed to be King David of the 11th Century BCE Israel, exhorts the nations of the earth to “enter God's gates with thanksgiving and courts with praise; giving thanks to God.”

And, indeed, you, our Congregation, did so! Your very generous contributions in 2023 allowed us to exceed budget and continue the strong support of our wide range of ministries that we have supported over the years.  For 2024, 137 pledges for $371,945 have been received, against our goal of $375,000; better than 99% fulfillment.  20 pledges more than made last year!

One of the many ways we can serve our Creator, and our Church, is through joyful financial support of institutions and causes we believe in.  As Pastor Randy reminded us in a recent sermon, “Joy is an attitude of the heart and spirit; something that is lasting. It is in coming together that we experience true joy through quality of relationships and our ability to give as well as to receive.”

Thank you again for your continuing financial support for The Good Shepherd Church.

Your Stewardship Team,
Lynda Himbury, Sandy Lindahl, Pam Irvin, John Pestle, Hathaway Cornelius, and Randy Mayer

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